St. Petersburg Times Interview

Hello.  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer to its fullest.

On July 28, I was interviewed by St. Petersburg Times’ Ted McLaren who, among other things, manages the Times’ photography blog.

CLICK HERE to go to the Times’ blog where you can listen to an audio recording of my interview.

Until next time, take care.  Jimmy

6 Responses to “St. Petersburg Times Interview”

  1. Hailey says:

    Jimmy, I’m a little late on commenting on this, but couldn’t resist saying something. You really inspire me. Even though the work I’m doing is worlds different than yours, your intent, passion, and progress forward has really lit a fire in me. Your images are beautiful and it was so comforting to hear a fellow RMSPer voice. Tell Cindy “hi” and keep up that momentum. I will do the same!

  2. Super Interview! Thanks o sharing

  3. htweto says:

    Great interview, Jimmy…composed, eloquent, purposeful, but also friendly. That shot of the brain coral detail was new to me, and I really like it, especially the split-tone quality of the blue water in the shadows. Really nice. Congratulations!